AOMSI Analysis in the Courts

Our AOMSI reports have won BOTH Frye and Daubert Challenges in court.

7/3/13 #11-07311-Cl-8 Initial offer $11,000

(4 cervical bulges with ligament laxity, no surgery, no injections, no chiropractic care)

After deposition patient received $42,000

6/18/13 #12-CA-0011711 Initial offer $7,000

(4 cervical bulges with ligament laxity)

Won Daubert Challenge
Jury awarded patient $100,000

10/11/11 #1000-1422 initial offer $7,000

(2 disc HNP, cervical ligamentous laxity)

Jury awarded patient $75,000

5/8/12 #08-CA-030416 initial offer $40,000

(3 cervical & lumbar disc bulges, surgery in lumbars 10 years prior, and ligamentous laxity)

After deposition patient received $212,000

 How do you know if you have Ligament Laxity unless you measure it?

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