DXD Software is utilized to analyze AOMSI and calculate musculoskeletal abnormalities by capturing articular motion through stress views of the spine. This diagnostic tool measures abnormal bony movement to determine ligament laxity (M24.28) in specific spinal regions.

This technology offers your clients accurate and reliable assessments, which can help to increase the value of Personal Injury settlements.


Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA) measures AOMSI and ligamentous laxity in the spine. This is conducted by a Board Certified Radiologist in order to provide meticulous impressions on spinal abnormalities for the AOMSI Report presented in the Personal Injury Case. 

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AOMSI in the Courts

5/8/12 #08-CA-030416 initial offer $40,000

(3 cervical & lumbar disc bulges, surgery in 10 years prior, and ligamentous laxity)

After deposition patient received $212,000.00

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Which spine has a 25% permanent impairment rating per the AMA and worth more money in a Personal Injury case?

 How do you know unless you measure it?

The reports generated may increase the settlement value of your case. Learn more about AOMSI below, or fill out the form below and we will email you what is required to generate a AOMSI report for your client.